THE QUESTION: Who Created "The Year of Living Creatively?"

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March 22, 2021
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March 22, 2021
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THE QUESTION: Who Created "The Year of Living Creatively?"

1. IDEA CHAMPIONS: Co-Founder and President an innovation consulting and training company. Founded in 1987. Alive and well. Now migrating its services online. Client list.

2. FACE THE MUSIC: Co-Founder, lyricist, and MC of the world’s first interactive business blue band. Founded in 1999. Sold my shares in 2008.

3. STORYTELLING FOR THE REVOLUTION: Book about the power of personal storytelling. Published in 2018

4. FREE THE GENIE: A deck of cards to help aspiring innovators originate, develop, and manifest bold new ideas and possibilities

5. The online version of the cards. Four idea-sparking games to help people get out of the box. Free 10-year trial subscription.

6. FREE THE GENIE BRAINSTORMING: Facilitated, online creative thinking sessions for individuals and small teams. Facilitator training program in the works. Testimonials.

7. WISDOM CIRCLES: Small group storytelling gatherings to build community, inspire, communicate tacit knowledge, and transmit wisdom. Virtual version to launch in 2021.

8. STORYTELLING AT WORK: Award-winning book about the power of personal storytelling in the workplace.

9. LIGHT READING: Underground community newspaper in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1976.

10. THE BREAKTHROUGH CAFE: A creative thinking experience disguised as a cafe. Created for people in organizations who get their best ideas after work.

11. AWAKE AT THE WHEEL: Award-winning business fable about the mythical invention of the wheel.

12. THE YEAR OF LIVING CREATIVELY: A suite of online services to help anyone, anywhere, anytime radically increase their odds of manifesting a bold new idea, vision, or venture.

13. FULL MOON AT SUNRISE: A book of poetry. Published in 2012.

14. BRAINTRUST: An outsourced think tank to help organizations accelerate their process of originating and developing new products and services. First client: General Mills.

15. TEAM LEADERSHIP TRAINING: An online learning experience to help organizations establish high performing teams.

16. JUMP START CREATIVITY: The first creative thinking training (aka “Get Out of the Box”) AT&T ever offered to its workforce. Licensed to AT&T in 1991.

17. HIGH VELOCITY BRAINSTORMING: Customized ideation sessions for forward thinking organizations. Train the trainer programs available.

18. TEAMWORK CARDS: A deck of 64 cards to spark collaboration, communication, and high performing teamwork.

19. CONDUCTING GENIUS WORKBOOKS: A 140-page guidebook for anyone committed to learning how to facilitate productive ideation sessions.

20. THIRST QUENCH THIRST: Book of poetry, 2007

21. THE DITKOFF/POUGET CLAN: A beautiful 29-year marriage to the extraordinary Evelyne Pouget. By the grace of God, we brought two amazing beings into the world — Jesse (now 26) and Mimi (now 23).

22. CREATIVE THINKING GUIDEBOOKS: A set of five 16-page guidebooks to help aspiring innovators originate, develop, and implement new ideas.

23. INGENUITY BANK: Idea Management software. Commercialized in 2014. Licensed to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and Electronic Arts. Dissolved upon the death of my genius business partner and friend, Michael Schacker.


The Heart of Innovation
Storytelling at Work
Heart of the Matter
Unspoken Word
Huffington Post

25. Micro-Learning for Innovators: An online library of innovation-sparking content for anyone wanting to dive deeper into their own creative genius. A “name-your-own-price” business model.

26. The Hero’s Journey Course: In the process of developing this with Dr. Beverly Nelson and Michael Bartlett in Mexico. Launching in September.

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